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Free DIRECTV Satellite Television Installation

Free DIRECTV Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Your DIRECTV System includes Free standard home installation* by top-of-the line professionals, so you don't have to worry about setting your system up and making sure it works. When you select your DIRECTV programming and schedule free installation, you know it will be done right the first time, and that you’ll be able to start enjoying your new satellite TV system as soon as possible. In fact, in many places you may even be eligible for next-day installation—call the number at the bottom of the page today to find out more.

Step 1: getting ready for DIRECTV home installation:

You need an unobstructed view of the southern sky. Your DIRECTV satellite dish needs a direct line of sight to our satellites, so make sure trees and buildings do not interfere. If you have questions, or have several options for locations and can’t decide, don’t worry—when the installer arrives, he will be able to help you choose the best spot for your dish and address any other specific needs you may have for your new satellite TV system.

Step 2: DIRECTV installation:

During your Professional Basic Installation, your certified DIRECTV installer will:

  • Install a DIRECTV satellite dish on your roof, side of home, balcony or other location.
  • Conncet all of your DIRECTV receiver(s) to your current TV, audio receiver, VCR and/or DVD player.
  • Complete a system test verifying signal strength, access card match and telephone connectivity.
  • Give you a brief lesson about your DIRECTV system.
  • Activate your DIRECTV television service.

Step 3: Watch DIRECTV:

After the installation is complete, the only thing left for you to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy your new DIRECTV satellite television. Whether you’re in the mood for sports, movies, news, music, or more, you can find it all with a programming package from DIRECTV. Plan a sports night with friends with one of the provider’s exclusive sports subscriptions, or choose from one of 10,000+ titles with DIRECTV On Demand.”

Get DIRECTV programming in your apartment

You don't need to own a house to get great satellite service! As a resident of a condo or apartment, you can set up your own DIRECTV System or your entire building could be served from just one dish. There are just a few things to consider before you order from America’s #1 satellite TV service provider for your apartment or condominium. By following the steps below, you can discover what your best options for DIRECTV service are at your location.

If you want to install your own DIRECTV System, start by asking your landlord, property manager or homeowners association if you may install a DIRECTV System on your rooftop. If not authorized to mount the dish on the roof, many apartment and condominium residents have the dish installed on a private patio or balcony - a clear view of the southern sky is required.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) generally forbids local governments and homeowners associations from enforcing unreasonable restrictions regarding the installation of satellite dishes one meter or smaller. For more information visit the FCC website.

However, your system installation may require structure modifications that may be limited or restricted by the terms of your lease/rental agreement. To avoid delays in your installation, we ask that you obtain written or verbal permission from your landlord, homeowners association or property manager (or, alternatively, you may review your lease/rental agreement/HOA CC&Rs to confirm that permission is not required) prior to scheduling your installation.

If you have verbal authorization from your landlord, homeowners association or property manager for a DIRECTV System installation, you can print and sign this installation permission form and provide it to your installer on the day of installation.

Moving? No problem:

When you choose DIRECTV, you can rest assured that you’ve chosen service that will last you into the future. You can even take DIRECTV service with you if you move. DIRECTV distributes programming across the United States. Just call DIRECTV and tell us when you're moving and where. Leave the satellite dish, take your receiver(s) and remote(s) to your new house and we'll meet you there to install a new satellite dish...hassle-free.

Because DIRECTV broadcasts coast-to-coast, you'll be watching great satellite TV in your new home in no time! For satellite TV service that will continue to deliver well into the future, call today to order DIRECTV. When you call, don’t forget to ask the satellite TV expert about the provider’s most exciting and high-tech features, including Whole-Home DVR, DIRECTV2PC ™, DIRECTV 3D TV, and more.

Let our experts install satellite television into your home for FREE!


* Standard Installation Includes - Installation in up to 4 rooms by a certified installer that will install a dish on your roof or other location, drill through one wall, connect your DIRECTV® Receiver to your current TV and DVR, VCR and/or DVD player, give you a mini-lesson about your system and activate your service. Only DIRECTV approved materials (up to 125 ft. of RG 6 cable, switches and connectors) will be used and a connection to a phone line is required. The majority of DIRECTV customers need just one dish; however a select few may require an additional dish depending on the customers programming choices (local channels/Int'l). Complex/custom installation extra.

** Sports blackouts and your ability to receive local channels or broadcast network services may be affected by your new address.

DIRECTV MOVERS CONNECTION: Offer available once in any 12 month period for qualifying customers only. Qualifications based on tenure, package level, payment history and other factors. Sport blackouts and your ability to receive local channels or broadcast networks may be affected by new address. Residential customers only. Account must be in "good standing," as determined by DIRECTV in its sole discretion, to remain eligible. Receipt of DIRECTV programming subject to DIRECTV Customer Agreement; copy provided at and in first bill. Programming, pricing, terms and conditions subject to change at any time. Pricing is residential. Taxes not included. DIRECTV services are not provided outside the U.S. Receipt of DIRECTV programming is subject to DIRECTV Customer Agreement; copy provided at and in your first bill.
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