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The DIRECTV iPad® app has arrived! Now you can turn your iPad® into command central for every TV in your house. Tap into your DIRECTV entertainment from anywhere — whether you're at home or away — and enjoy the power to play, scroll, set, scan and schedule your favorite programming all with the touch of a screen.

DIRECTV + iPad®. It's a beautiful thing.

Top 5 Reasons to love the DIRECTV iPad® App

  1. It's free. Available at no extra charge, the iPad® app for DIRECTV is a no brainer. Why would you not combine your favorite gadget with your favorite TV programming? Don't have DIRECTV? Amazing package deals are available right here!
  2. It's easy. Use your iPad® and DIRECTV together to see and control every HD and HD DVR receiver in your house — wherever you are. Access playlists, set recordings, check out channel guides — even see, live, what other people are watching in different rooms!
  3. It's customizable. DIRECTV is smarter TV, but your iPad® will turn it into a genius. The DIRECTV iPad® app is much more than a remote control. With a completely customizable home screen, you can choose favorite channels, quick-tune presets and organize settings to suit your needs.
  4. It's convenient. Simply tap your screen to see movies, programming information, parental ratings, or a complete 14-day guide. And best of all, pull up information without interrupting the show you're currently watching on TV. No more watching your shows in a little box.
  5. It's cool. If you love new technology, the iPad® app for DIRECTV is sure to be a crowd pleaser. And it doesn't stop there. With DIRECTV, you'll get the extras that will have your neighbors, friends and family coming to your house again and again for great entertainment.

Whether you have an iPad or not, DIRECTV delivers reliable TV at affordable prices. Call now to get your satellite TV package and learn more about FREE apps, equipment and more, only from DIRECTV!

DIRECTV iPad App Users Guide

Everything you need to know to connect your iPad to your DIRECTV Receiver


The iPad app is compatible with the HR20, HR21, R22, R23, HR24, H21, H23, H24, H25 receivers as well as multiples of those receiver numbers. Other models will not be able to control the DVR, but will be able to access the channel guide via their iPad.

Getting Started

When you download the DIRECTV iPad app it should automatically find all connected receivers, but in case it doesn’t, simply pressing the Menu button on your TV remote and navigating to the External Devices section should allow you to all of your options.

Using the App

The homes screen is a three panel display that is entirely customizable. When you first use the App it will show you what you are currently watching in the left column, favorite channels in the center, and programming listings on the right. There are buttons that allow you to quickly adjust your settings, personalize your content, select a connected receiver, browse TV shows, or view more content.


One of the best features of the iPad App is the QuickTune option. This column can be populated with select stations so that you can view them with one tap. Clicking on any listing will take you to that channel and give you the option to record it or get more information.

Info Screen

If you click on any specific program or something not in the QuickTune panel you'll get a screen that shows in-depth information about programs. On the right is information about the programming as well as options to Watch on TV, Record Episode or Record Series. On the left is extended information on the cast and crew, photos (tap on these and you'll get a gallery of pictures), and "You Might Like" suggestions of similar programming.

Viewing Channels

Using your iPad to view channels is a breeze. When you tap a channel, you will get information about the channel immediately displayed. Then simply press the "watch on TV" button. This will bring up a listing with options to watch any number of live or recorded shows.

Channel order and display on your screen can be edited by navigating to the "Customize Layout & Content" screen. This is especially nice since you're not limited to seeing channels displayed in numeric order.

Accessing Your DVR Playlist

Simply tap the Playlist button to view what you've got on tap in your DVR. You can view recorded content in either a "List View" or a "Poster View." The list view allows you to watch something instantly if it is a single recording (and not in a folder or series). Poster view displays folders and shows with a "Watch on TV" button for each. Both views will give you the date and time a show was recorded. Playlists can be sorted in alphabetical order, sorted by genre, or grouped by watched and unwatched programming.

Accessing the Guide

Tap the Guide button and you'll see a programming guide that is almost identical to what you can pull up using your remote, but with much more information. You can sort channels by station names or numbers, navigate to different days, display only select stations, or click right through to available movies and sports. Pull up titles available on demand, or a full listing of every sport being played that day.

Remote Button

This feature turns your iPad into an additional remote control for your TV. It has every feature your remote has, but also adds a few extras, like the option to skip forward in 2 and a half minute intervals.

Whether you have an iPad or not, DIRECTV delivers reliable TV at affordable prices. Call now to get your satellite TV package and learn more about FREE apps, equipment and more, only from DIRECTV!