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The DIRECTV equipment will be brought to your home by the professional installation technician on the day of your scheduled install. If you decide that you do not want DIRECTV service before your scheduled install date, please call us to cancel your order. If after the installation technician has arrived at your home, you decide that you do not want DIRECTV service and that you do not want the DIRECTV equipment installed in your home, please tell the technician that you would like to cancel your order. The technician will complete the necessary paperwork and cancel your order for you.

Once your equipment has been installed and activated, you are obligated to a service agreement. If you should decide that you want to break that agreement, you must contact DIRECTV customer service. You will be subject to a penalty and/or asked to return all of your equipment to DIRECTV. If you return your equipment to DIRECTV to avoid the penalty for breaking the agreement, you are not eligible for a refund on the original purchase price of the equipment nor the handling and delivery fee.

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