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Experience the Best of DIRECTV Cinema™

New Releases. No Hassles.

Whether you’re fighting invaders from another planet, or dining with your new Italian fiancé along a romantic canal street in Venice, let your imagination run wild with DIRECTV Cinema. Choose from 400 of the newest movie releases and then watch the one you want instantly. You can find your favorite new films from the menu, or just add upcoming releases to your queue and automatically download them as soon as they’re available.

DIRECTV Cinema also gives you access to the most movies in 1080p HD, the same format as Blu-ray™. DIRECTV has the most full-time HD channels than any other satellite provider, and now HD is included with every package!

Best of all, you will never have to wait for the DVD to arrive in the mail — or worry that the one you want to order is out-of-stock. DIRECTV has the newest releases almost a month before Netflix or Redbox has them! Plus, you’ll instantly have a huge media library with thousands of shows and movies. That’s because DIRECTV offers over 7,000 shows and movies, from your favorite classics to the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, available at any time of the day or night - at no extra charge!


Any movie you order is available for viewing the same day that it comes out on DVD.

There is a 28-day delay for new releases. There is a 28-day delay for new releases

See new releases in 1080p format & dolby surround sound- instantly!

Sometimes No

Get exclusive same-day theater and home premiers.

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Never pay a penalty, late-fees or wait for the next popular title to arrive in your mailbox.

Be prepared to wait for your DVD. Late Fees, lost DVD fees and DVDs are subject to availability.

DIRECTV Internet Connection

DIRECTV Cinema™ will bring a whole new world of entertainment to your TV. But that’s not all. Take your TV experience to an entirely new level with amazing features that will be available as soon as you connect your DIRECTV HD DVR to your home Internet network! Once you’re online, you can start getting the most out of your TV with these features, available ONLY through DIRECTV!

Free TV Apps

Once you are connected to your home Internet system, you can download DIRECTV apps for FREE and integrate your favorite websites like Flickr and Facebook, then share your favorite shows and movies with friends right on your television screen. Or, try sports features, like ScoreGuide, and keep track of other games while you’re watching another one. Accessing TV apps is as simple as touching a button. Simply press the right arrow on your remote control and watch as your favorite Internet tools launch right on your screen.


Do you often find that all the TVs in your house are taken? Or, even worse, are you stuck in a room without a TV? No worries, because now your laptop or PC is a TV too! DIRECTV2PC™ lets you stream your favorite shows directly from your DVR to your computer. It’s perfect for traveling, too. Long car rides or plane trips will fly by with DIRECTV2PC™. Just download the FREE DIRECTV2PC™ application and you’ll never have to go without world-class entertainment in your home — or anywhere else — again. It’s TV made easy!

Media Share

Digital pictures, photos and videos are great — until you have to huddle around a tiny computer monitor to enjoy them. DIRECTV’s Media Share brings your precious memories and favorite tunes to the big screen, right where they belong. Media Share lets you access the media you store on your computer through your HD DVR, so you can enjoy photos, videos and music with friends and family just like you enjoy your TV — sitting comfortably on the couch!

DVR to Fit the Way You Live

Just use the DVR when you don’t have time to watch your favorite show or movie. DIRECTV’s DVR technology lets you schedule your DVR programming up to 14 days in advance using the on-screen menu, your personal computer, or even your smart phone. Plus, you’ll have enough storage for all your favorite shows with up to 400 hours of SD programming, or 100 to 200 hours of HD programming.

Cinema™ Connection Kit

Turn your living room into your own movie theatre with DIRECTV CINEMA. Get started with the Cinema™ connection kit and bring a whole new world of entertainment to your TV screen. It includes everything you need to hook up your HD DVR to your home Internet Network, including a wireless adapter and easy step-by-step instructions.

Get connected and join the 19.5 million other Americans who use DIRECTV today. This is the way TV was meant to be enjoyed.