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Whole-Home DVR

Connect all your TVs with one DVR for a whole-home entertainment experience.

Introducing Whole-Home DVR!
Watch your favorites in any room!

Plus, for a limited time, get a FREE DIRECTV HD DVR and Additional HD RECEIVER Upgrade! Ask How!

This is the way you've always wanted your DVR to work. Revolutionary technology from DIRECTV now brings your recorded content to every TV in your home. Access a single playlist to easily see your digitally recorded content from any connected room. Pause, rewind and record HD programming on one TV and pick it up right where you left off on another!

Here’s how it works:

  • You get one main receiver that’s also a digital video recorder, you’ll probably want to have this in the room that you do most of your television viewing, like your living room.
  • The other televisions in your house get HD receivers. These are smaller than your digital video recorder because they don’t actually record content. Instead they can pull the content from your digital video recorder in your main television viewing room without any latency or picture lag.
  • Now you’re free to start a show in one room, pause it, move to another room, and pick it back up in there. You’re no longer anchored to one TV—you get all your entertainment anywhere you have a TV and receiver in your house, all in lifelike HD!

Enjoy Your HD DVR on Any TV!

You won't find these features anywhere else. With DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR service you can use a single DVR to power up to 15 TVs - not just two, which is what you'd get with DISH. And cable? You'd need a separate DVR for every TV!

Whole-Home DVR also lets you record 2 programs while watching an additional 2 from your playlist. Plus, you'll get crystal-clear HD content in every connected room! Just add DIRECTV Whole-Home Service to your plan and see what a difference it makes.

Five Great Reasons to Get DIRECTV with Whole-Home DVR Today

  1. Your favorite shows anywhere. Now you don’t have to be in the living room to see your favorite shows. If you need to be in the bedroom, the garage, or any other room with a TV and you still want to see the shows you’ve recorded, you can do that with Whole-Home DVR. Don’t wait till you’re back on the couch, watch what you want where you are!
  2. Less equipment than the competitors. Whole-Home DVR solutions with cable companies and other satellite TV providers require more equipment. With DIRECTV you just need one main digital video recorder, then a small, lightweight receiver for each TV. No need to worry about extra bulky technology in every room.
  3. Record more programs. With Whole-Home DVR you can record several programs at once while watching others! For example, you could have your favorite sitcom you recorded the other night playing in one room, the basketball game from the day before playing in another room, all while you’re recording two completely different shows with your digital video recorder. It’s an unprecedented level of entertainment customization!
  4. Easy to operate. The idea of pausing in one room, picking up another while simultaneously recording other shows seems like it could be difficult to operate, but it’s not. The Whole-Home DVR system is simple and user friendly. Just one remote and one menu system. Bring up your show list on any TV and start watching.
  5. Easy to upgrade. You can expand your Whole Home DVR with a quick call to DIRECTV. Got a new TV in the guest room and you want to be able to see all your recorded shows in there? No problem. Just call DIRECTV and ask how you can add an additional receiver to your Whole-Home DVR system. With DIRECTV your digital video recorder can link with up to 15 televisions in your home.

Whole Home DVR Frequently Asked Questions

Will my shows be recorded in HD?

If you have an HD DVR you can receive and record your favorite shows in crystal clear high definition. Call today and ask how you can receive an HD DVR upgrade.

Can I watch two different recorded shows at once?

Yes. If you want to watch the last episode of your favorite reality series and someone else wants to watch last night’s baseball game, you can do that on separate TVs. You both access the same list of recorded shows.

If someone changes the channel in another room, will that affect what I’m viewing?

Not at all. While each connected TV in your house is linked up to your main digital video recorder, they can operate independently. That means if you’re in a the bedroom watching a movie you recorded, it won’t be interrupted if someone in the living room decides to watch something else.

Can I rewind and fast forward content on other TVs?

With Whole-Home DVR you get all the controls you’d expect with your main digital video recorder in every connected room. It’s not just pause and record, you can also search your playlist, rewind and fastfoward.

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