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The Genie™ - New!

As DIRECTV’s most advanced DVR technology yet, the Genie™ gives every TV in your home full HD DVR capabilities — with only one box!

Record, watch, pause, fast-forward, rewind and delete from any room, pause a show in one room and pick it up in another, record up to 5 shows at once, all in HD. And with 1 terabyte of HD storage, the Genie™ lets you build a viewing library 3 times larger than you can with cable. It even recommends new shows based on the ones you typically watch. Plus, it’s compatible with your RVU-TV and gaming console.

All this and no clutter? Get DIRECTV today and make your TV wishes come true.



The Most Advanced Receiver

Don’t get stuck with boring standard definition cable boxes, go HD with DIRECTV! The HD channels offered by DIRECTV are all 100 percent digital quality, which means you get a crystal clear picture without the over-the-air fuzz you’d get from an HD antenna.

With the latest DVR and HD technology rolled into one easy-to-use unit, the DIRECTV Plus HD DVR will change the way you enjoy home theater. Images are sharper. Colors are brighter. Sound is crisper. And now they can be recorded! The DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR also features Media Share, allowing you to enjoy photos and music stored on your Intel® Viiv™ processor technology-based PC - on your TV.

The DIRECTV HD DVR will connect you with the ultimate in HD Programming, provide access to DIRECTV On Demand, with over 10,000 movies and shows at no extra charge, and give you the option to add The Genie™ service for up to 5 TVs in your house!

Digital HD Frequently Asked Questions

What is HD?

HD stands for high definition, which in most cases refers to the resolution of the content on your screen. Up until the last decade, most affordable consumer-level televisions were SD, or standard definition.

What is the difference between 1080i and 1080p?

The resolution of your screen is measured in scan lines. There are two types of scanning, progressive and interlaced, the former is denoted by a p (as in 1080p) and the latter by an i (as in 1080i). The 1080i resolution is the standard HD resolution, and unless you’re a audio visual connoisseur is nearly indistinguishable from 1080p.

Does TV size matter?

When it comes to modern television sets, any brand or size is compatible with your DIRECTV digital HD digital video recorder and receiver. Size only matters for your environment. Audio-visual experts recommend sitting between six and eight feet away from a 40 inch TV. Naturally the further away you get, the less detail you’ll be able to perceive. So if you have a 15 foot gap between your couch and your main TV, you might want a larger TV so you can really take advantage of the HD content, or for a cheaper solution, just move your couch closer.

Why is digital HD better?

From a technical aspect, digital HD channels are better than analog HD because it’s easier to compress. Analog HD signals take up a large portion of bandwidth, which can result in delays or choppy over-the-air pictures. You’re digital HD channels from DIRECTV are delivered with clarity and speed, unlike some over-the-air HD.

What’s it like to watch HD?

The difference between digital HD from DIRECTV and standard definition programming from your local cable provider is like the difference between a rough abstract painting of fruit and holding the actual fruit itself. Digital HD creates a lifelike picture that can’t be matched. With DIRECTV digital HD you can get the most out of your high definition television.

DIRECTV HD Is the Best choice

  • All channels in 100% digital quality. Get clear, lifelike pictures.
  • The ultimate surround sound experience with the latest Dolby Digital technology - surround sound equipment required and sold separately.
  • More than 170 HD channels with hundreds of HD programs.
  • The most 24/7 HD channels - more than Cable or DISH Network.
  • An unbeatable lineup of HD events, sports and pay per view movies.
  • Access to local HD channels in almost all U.S. homes.
  • A variety of HD programming, including ESPN HD, Discovery HD Theater, HBO HD, SHOWTIME HD and more!* You can even get HD shows from the major networks with off-air antenna**.
  • Continual updates to provide the best in HD technology and programming.

DIRECTV Plus HD DVR Features

  • High definition (mpeg-2, mpeg-4) and standard definition (mpeg-2) enabled. View the best in both HD and SD programming.
  • Record up to 400 hours of SD programming, up to 100 hours of HD programming. Watch your favorite shows on your own schedule.
  • Record two shows at once while watching another recording.
  • Series Link feature: Automatically record an entire season of your favorite shows, even if they change day or time.
  • One-touch record, auto record, manual record and bookmarks.
  • Pause and rewind live HD TV for up to 90 minutes. Control what you watch - back up, slow down or use instant replay.
  • Media Share capable: Listen to music and view photos stored on your Intel® Viiv™ processor technology-based PC.
  • 2 satellite tuners for access to SD and HD DIRECTV programming.
  • Take advantage of DIRECTV interactive features like DIRECTV Active™. Get weather information, lottery results and horoscopes onscreen.
  • 14-day Advanced Program Guide®. Search the channel guide for shows up to 14 days in advance.
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound capable. Listen to superb theater-quality sound with additional hardware.
  • View and log Caller ID info provided by your local phone company.**
  • Parental controls/locks: Enjoy peace of mind over what your children are watching by locking out objectionable programming.

See all the great HD Programming available from DIRECTV.

See how you can add Whole-Home DVR service for up to 15 TVs in your house!


Professional installation highly recommended. Land-based phone line connection required. To access DIRECTV HD programming, a DIRECTV HD Receiver, HD Access and HD television equipment are required. Number of HD channels varies based on package selection.
**To use this feature you must have your receiver directly plugged into a telephone outlet (not a wireless phone jack) and must subscribe to Caller ID or similar caller identification service from your phone company.
†Actual recording time varies depending on the type of programming being recorded.
‡The Viiv feature is able to pull most formats of music and photos from your PC and play them through the model HR20 DIRECTV Plus HD DVR. Requires Ethernet cable from the HR20 connected to consumer's home network along with Viiv-enabled PC and router. Viiv installation not included with DIRECTV service. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Enjoy with Viiv logo is a trademark of Intel Corporation.