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DIRECTV Interactive Programming

It doesn’t take an algebra wizard to know that 8 screens on one TV equals the ultimate in news and sports entertainment. DIRECTV Mix Channels deliver just that. Imagine live feeds from up to eight networks on one screen, personalized information through DIRECTV Active, and exclusive interactive features with blogs, interviews, scores and stats. What more could the sophisticated viewer want?

Mix Channels

Want to see any individual full-screen channel? Simply highlight it with your remote and away you go. It's the ultimate entertainment experience for the viewer who wants to see it all. DIRECTV offers complete coverage of major sporting events, news and special events through its Interactive Mix Channels. So break away from ordinary viewing and get plugged in to all the action on DIRECTV. Plus, DIRECTV Interactive Channels are available in brilliant HD! DIRECTV offers complete coverage of major sporting events, news and special events through its Interactive Mix Channels. So break away from ordinary viewing and get plugged in to all the action on DIRECTV. Plus, DIRECTV Interactive Channels are available in brilliant HD!


DIRECTV The Weather Channel, Channel 362

The Weather Channel from DIRECTV lets you gear up for the day ahead by providing local updates, plus a ton of new interactive features. Check out Channel 362 for:

  • Local on the 8's. Six times an hour - :08, :18; :28; :38; :48; :58 - get in-depth weather information and weekly forecasts.
  • Local on Demand. Can't wait 'till the 8's? Get instant current conditions reports by ZIP code, the five-day forecast, regional radar maps, weather alerts and weather for up to five cities.
  • Alert Ticker. During severe weather, the Alert Ticker will appear at the bottom of The Weather Channel screen giving viewers information on current weather alerts and providing a link to "Local On Demand".


Customize your DIRECTV experience with DIRECTV Active. The "Active" button on your remote will transport you to the DIRECTV Active portal where you'll get personalized, interactive weather, horoscopes and lottery results. You can also find out about special DIRECTV promotions and see what's playing on Pay Per View.

DIRECTV News Mix, Channel 102

Stay in touch with the world around you and watch breaking news as it happens with television's top news networks.

Get plugged in to all the day's news and events with DIRECTV News Mix. This interactive channel features live feeds from the eight highest-rated news networks on one screen.

Move the audio feed from channel to channel using the ARROW buttons, or bring any of the eight networks to full screen by highlighting and selecting it. From CNN to Fox News to Bloomberg to the Weather Channel, you'll stay in-the-know with News Mix.

DIRECTV Sports Mix, Channel 104

Gravity-defying slam dunks, edge-of-your-seat touchdowns and heart-stopping checkered flag finishes are just a click away with DIRECTV Sports Mix. Using the same formula as DIRECTV's News Mix, Sports Mix feeds eight top sports networks into one channel, delivering the best match-ups, news and updates from around the sports world. What could be better for today's sports fan? Eight networks, one screen, unlimited sports action!

See what teams are currently playing and preview non-stop sports action on up to eight screens at once! Plus, catch specialized coverage for big events like the PGA Masters Tournament. If you order NFL SUNDAY TICKET you can also get a mix channel with 8 screens of live football action. Imagine - an entire Sunday of football without having to ever flip the channel!

DIRECTV is the clear winner vs. Cable and DISH when it comes to sports - and with the Sports Mix channel, it isn't even a competition.

DIRECTV Golf and Tennis, Channel 701

If you love Golf and Tennis, DIRECTV is the only TV provider you'll want to go with. Mix Channels, extended coverage and exclusive programming gives you every detail you could possibly want during Grand Slam season. Experience the majors like never before! Enhanced viewing of golf and tennis tournaments with simultaneous multi-channel viewing, interactive golf leader boards, and real-time scores and stats make this channel a grand slam with any golf or tennis fan.

Golf: DIRECTV partners with ESPN to bring you the most golf available anywhere, with every divot in crisp, clear HD, and four channels on one screen with the Open Championship Mix channel. Follow leaders and get live stats along the way.

Tennis: The Tennis Mix channel combines 6 windows on one screen and live updates so you can follow your favorite players in early-round matches. Plus, one click of the button brings you recent results, men's and women's draws, and live scores!

DIRECTV Customer Support, Channel 114

Make the most of your DIRECTV service with tips and information about channels, programming packages and equipment through the Customer Support Channel.

For more information about your DIRECTV service, go to channel 114 and learn more about programming packages, equipment and other DIRECTV features. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions and get tips on how to make the most of your DIRECTV service.

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