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Starz Super Pack: 15 Premium Movie Channels

Do you like movies? With the Starz Super Pack you can watch movies around the clock, in more than a dozen different genres. The Starz Super Pack gives you a massive movie selection that can please any movie lover, no matter their taste. Get the Starz Super Pack and receive more than 1000 different movies a month playing on 15 channels, including four Starz, two Encore and six Encore theme channels. To top it off, several of the channels are available in HD, so you get your movies in crystal clarity, the way they were meant to be seen.

The best part? You can add the Starz Super Pack to your programming for just $12 a month, and save with each premium package you order! The Star Super Pack is an amazing value—you get hours and hours of movies in several genres for an affordable price.

Channel Lineup

Starz (2 channels: East and West)

Starz is where the new hit movies live. Don't just see the big movies, experience them. No need to run out to the movie rental store, Starz has the movies you want to see, when you want to see them. Available in HD.

Starz Edge

Starz Edge defies expectation. Flicks and picks for the new generation. It’s the best way to see what’s next in entertainment from new and innovate fil makers. Available in HD.

Starz InBlack

Starz InBlack is culturally connected. The source for the biggest, coolest movies and urban entertainment.

Starz Kids & Family

Starz Kids & Family is for the young and the young at heart. Movies all families can enjoy. Only in HD.

Starz Comedy

Starz Comedy makes your face hurt. Smile ear-to-ear every time you switch it on with non-stop comedic movies and outrageous films that keep you laughing. Only in HD.

Encore (2 channels: East and West)

See the movies you love again and again. Encore is all about movies. Different genre’s from different generations. It’s the greatest selection of movies you want to see.

Encore Love

Encore Love gives you the romantic movies you love, perfect for date night. From romantic comedies to sweet, charming love stories, get the movies that make you feel good inside with Encore Love.

Encore Westerns

Encore Westerns takes you back to the American frontier. Modern old west shoot-em-ups and old school cowboy classics. Encore Westerns is all western all the time.

Encore Mystery

Encore Mystery will keep you guessing. For movies that keep you on the edge of your seat with winding plots, pulse-pounding thrills and scandalous conspiracies, you want Encore Mystery.

Encore Action

Encore Action brings the adrenaline rush to your door. Watch all the movies with high-impact excitement, thrilling chases and big-budget explosions you want.

Encore Drama

Encore Drama brings you powerful stories. Movies that reflect the uncertainty of life, tug at your heartstrings and make you think. Encore Drama brings you entertainment with a poignant emotional punch.

Encore Wam

Encore Wam is the movie channel for teens. It provides a cool place to see great movies and teen entertainment. All the heartthrobs, mythical creatures and irreverent quirky humor teens love and parents don’t quite understand.

With the Starz Super Pack you get a movie channel for every kind of movie lover in your home. You can’t go wrong with such a wide selection of films.

Five Reasons to go With the Starz Super Pack

  1. Choice. With the Starz Super Pack you aren’t limited to a specific genre or specific decade. Get every type of movie you’d ever want to see from films beginnings to hot new releases.
  2. Affordability. At just $12 you get a ton of movies delivered right to your screen. Unlike other movie services, this rate is bundled with your monthly DIRECTV bill, so it’s simple to add and manage.
  3. Speed. You don’t have to run to the video store, wait for a disc to arrive in the mail, or sit around and wait on a long Internet download. Watch the movies you want right now! Just use your remote and head to the Starz channels.
  4. Variety. There’s more to watch with the Starz Super Pack. With some movie channels you have to wait around and hope your favorite genre or movie will play. With the Starz Super Pack, you get to choose. Feel like watching a western? Head to Encore Westerns. Looking for something with a bit of silly levity? Go with Starz Comedy.
  5. Value. The Starz Super Pack gives you enough movie channels and film selections to watch movies for days without seeing the same one twice—all for just $12 a month! The Starz Super Pack is an incredible value and a smart way to spend your entertainment dollar.
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