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Score with DIRECTV ScoreGuide™

The ScoreGuide feature for DIRECTV is a sports breakthrough! Track scores of major sporting events, see a list of channels carrying each event, and tune directly to those channels. Stay on top of all the important stats for your fantasy teams or your friendly rivalries with friends. Get round-the-clock access to scores for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR, the top 25 college basketball and football teams, grand slam tennis, golf events and much more.

Plus, ScoreGuide is exclusive to DIRECTV subscribers, and it's totally FREE!

Check Out Some of the Great Features of ScoreGuide below:

Activate ScoreGuide to Stay in the Loop

It’s impossible to watch every sporting event all the time—there’s literally only one day a year where an sporting event isn’t being played somewhere in the country. If you’re a sports fanatic, it can be tough to choose which game to watch. ScoreGuide makes it easy to not only track stats, but also let you know what games are hot.

Just press the red button on your DIRECTV remote to activate the ScoreGuide. The ScoreGuide pops up with an on-screen overlay that lets you quickly check stats while still letting you view the action on your main screen. The ScoreGuide feature can link in to the more than 200 DIRECTV sports channels, which includes regional sports networks, DIRECTV sports subscription channels and national cable networks that cover sports. If there’s a game being played, you’ll get the stats.

Find the Most Exciting Games in Seconds!

So say you’re watching a football game on a Sunday afternoon that was touted as a real exciting, evenly matched competition, but it’s turned into a blow out. That’s not very exciting—you want a game that keeps you on the edge of your seat, where the score is a back and forth battle, where the final few seconds will determine the victor. You want to switch to a more exciting game, but flipping between each game and watching a couple of minutes could take too long, you might miss some amazing plays.

How do you find a game like that quickly? With ScoreGuide! Just bring up the ScoreGuide menu and you can see a list of the games in progress. See the scores and find the most competitive game. Then just select “Watch Now” and you can jump to that game in progress. It’s a great way to keep up with multiple games at once, or to ensure that you’re always watching the most exciting game.

Not only can ScoreGuide help you find the best games that are happening right now, it can also help you plan ahead to record the games you want to see. ScoreGuide displays a list of upcoming daily and weekly events and also provides the channel number those events will appear on. That way you can quickly and easily schedule events and games to record for later. ScoreGuide is versatile, giving you the ability to minimize to just one game, or to have a full semi-transparent overlay that lets you track stats and watch a game at the same time.

The Top 6 Reasons Why DIRECTV is the Number One Place for Sports

1. ScoreGuide. This free feature makes it simple to stay on top of all the games you want. Just hit the button and view the scores for current games, and see upcoming games on the schedule. ScoreGuide features include stat tracking for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, top 25 college football and basketball, tennis (men’s and women’s) plus gold and NASCAR®.

2. High Definition. DIRECTV gives you more sports in HD. Experience lifelike visuals and top notch picture clarity. With HD sports from DIRECTV you can bring the arena to your living room!

3. Sports Variety. DIRECTV has a sports package for every sports fan. There’s NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ for football fans, MLB EXTRA INNINGS® for the baseball fanatics, NBA LEAGE PASS for basketball fans, and much more. Only DIRECTV can give you so many options. You can get channels for NHL, NASCAR, Golf, Soccer and tennis. Plus get access to live pay per view events like UFC fights, WWE matches and championship boxing.

4. Sports in 3D. DIRECTV is the only place to get sports in 3D. Watch select games and events in stunning 3D. Get added depth and immersion with your 3D sporting events and documentaries using your 3D enabled TV.

5. GameSearch™. If your game is blacked out, no problem, just use GameSearch™ to find another channel that may be airing it. If you have a game scheduled to record on your digital video recorder and it ends up being blacked out, GameSearch will find an available channel showing the game and automatically record it.

6. Sports Mix. Can’t get enough sports? With DIRECTV you can see up to 8 popular sports channels at the same time, live on your TV. See multiple games, or browse your options quickly.