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The DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package is the provider’s most affordable option, and is a great choice for a household with a variety of different age levels. Discover an exciting blend of educational programming, dramatic shows, news, fitness and exercise shows, and more. Find out more about DIRECTV’s FAMILY package below, and see if this package is the right fit for your household.




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Get just what you need with the DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package. This option offers over 140 channels of quality programming suitable for all ages, including your local channels. It’s also easy to add DVR service so you can record, pause or rewind your favorite shows.

DIRECTV's Most Affordable Option Offers Something for Everyone

Over 140 Entertaining Channels

The DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package brings you more than 140 channels with a wide range of programming options. Kids will love the classic cartoons on Boomerang, and the blend of quality programming on the Disney Channel. Meanwhile, the DIY Network will help you plan your next home project, while the Food Network highlights delectable new tastes and recipes. Find great deals on Home Shopping Network, or feed your appetite for knowledge on the National Geographic Channel. This package also includes local channels in over 97% of the U.S.

Free Standard Installation

Free standard home installation is included with your DIRECTV System and the DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package. When you order, you’ll be able to schedule an installation time that’s convenient for you. You may even be eligible for next-day installation. A professional DIRECTV installer will set up your system for you and give you a quick lesson on how to use the system. After your scheduled appointment, you’ll have no problem getting the most out of your new satellite TV system.

Add DVR Service for an Affordable Monthly Rate

Customize your package by adding DVR service and you’ll have the ability to control and record TV. Make sure you never miss your favorite shows, and rewind live TV to catch something you might have missed.

Are You Ready for DIRECTV HD?

Add HD Access to your DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package and experience some of your favorite national and local channels with breathtaking picture clarity. DIRECTV HD channels use the 1080p HD format, just like BluRay™. You’ll be able to see the difference the first time you watch a nature documentary in striking HD clarity on National Geographic, or salivate over a crystal-clear dinner on the Food Network. Upgrade to the DIRECTV CHOICE package or above for even more HD options, or consider adding a DIRECTV sports package like NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ for exclusive games, features, and other sports coverage.

To view HD content, you’ll need a DIRECTV HD Receiver and an HD-ready TV.

Upgrade to The DIRECTV CHOICE Package and get 100 More Channels!

The DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package offers an affordable but diverse channel line-up for your viewing pleasure. If you’re looking for even more variety from your satellite television package, you can expand your channel options by upgrading to the DIRECTV CHOICE Package. You’ll get an additional 100 channels, including:

  • A&E
  • ABC Family
  • BBC America
  • CMT
  • Comedy Central
  • ESPN
  • FX
  • History Channel
  • Hope
  • Lifetime

And more. You’ll also get the option to upgrade to an HD DVR and an HD Receiver. The DIRECTV HD DVR Receiver allows you to watch HD channels in the highest quality, while also letting you control live TV and record shows for later. Plus, the HD DVR Receiver is your ticket to DIRECTV CINEMA™, featuring 400 new releases and a library of 6,000 additional shows and movies.


The DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package is a great option when you want an affordable but varied range of channels for your household. Customize your package by adding DVR Service or HD Access, or a thrilling sports package. You can also choose to add selections from DIRECTV’s WorldDirect international programming options, including South Asian, Brazilian, Vietnamese, and Greek packages, among others.

Call today to order and find out if you’re eligible for next-day installation. When it comes to satellite TV service, DIRECTV makes it easy to find the choice that’s right for you.

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