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FREE Standard Professional Installation Standard professional installation in up to four rooms only. Custom installation extra. Applicable use tax adjustment may apply on retail value of installation.

  • HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, Cinemax - Free for 3 months
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
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DIRECTV Enterprise AL Deals and Packages

Direct TV Enterprise, AL Local Channels checkbox YES! Local channels are available on DIRECTV in Enterprise, AL (36330)

It's easy to get DIRECT TV deals in Enterprise, AL with fast FREE installation of up to 4 rooms of DirectTV service including satellite dish, free DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or HD (High Definition) upgrade, and Direct TV local and national programming with over 285 all-digital channels available of premium movies, family programming, music, news, sports, and entertainment. You can even get Satellite Radio music stations included! You can't get all that on the old fashioned cable TV in Enterprise.

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Direct Star TV is a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer in Enterprise, AL.

Order Enterprise DIRECT TV satellite television service now and in no time you can be enjoying up to 285 all-digital channels of premium movies, family programming, music, news, sports, and entertainment in addition to your Enterprise local TV channels!

DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR allows you complete access to high-definition in any location in your home. Watch all of your beloved TV programs from any location in your home by connecting each TV set to your DVR. So regardless of where you are in your house, you are able to delete, pause, and play movies and TV shows. With DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR service, everybody in your house receives accessibility.

Get Great TV at a Great Price with DIRECTV Deals in Enterprise

Not only does DIRECTV offer the most well known national programming, they additionally keep your community's tv shows in mind. DIRECTV serves up local community's programs to more than 90 percent of American households, therefore there is no reason you should waste another moment without total access to each of them. A number of markets even have direct availability to local channels in HD quality. Get DIRECTV now to take advantage of the local tv shows included with your channel lineup.

For America's devoted soccer fans, DIRECTV has just the ticket with MLS Direct Kick™, so you do not have to miss out on a match. You do not have to leave your home to follow your much loved team's every move with the help of the 221 regular-season games offered by MLS Direct Kick™. Obtain all the coverage of your favorite Alabama team. Phone today to order MLS Direct Kick™ and catch every move.

Enterprise, AL 36330 Local TV Channels

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The best network for movie aficionados anywhere is Cinemax®.No matter if you'd like to reminisce with a classic or see the latest release, Cinemax® is the optimal place to see motion pictures.Cinemax® even comes with Cinemax® on Demand at no extra cost, making any night into movie night.To get a superb motion picture experience, subscribe to Cinemax® with DIRECTV.

In the event that you or someone in your household is a sports aficionado, check out DIRECTV® SPORTS PACK. With this package, you receive more than 35 channels of sports to enjoy 24/7. When you get twenty-eight of these channels in impressive HD, you will often feel like you are a part of the action. And don’t be concerned with blackouts. DIRECTV automatically scans for the games you want to watch if you can not locate them. Always catch the biggest games nationwide as well as related highlights with the 20 regional sports networks. Call DIRECTV now and never miss another game-winning play when you have DIRECTV® SPORTS PACK.

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