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FREE Standard Professional Installation Standard professional installation in up to four rooms only. Custom installation extra. Applicable use tax adjustment may apply on retail value of installation.

  • HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, Cinemax - Free for 3 months
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
TV Only Package offers starting at
$ 24
99 /mo
SELECT Package. For 12 months with 24 mo. agreement. Plus
add'l fees.

DIRECTV Tishomingo MS Deals and Packages

Direct TV Tishomingo, MS Local Channels checkbox YES! Local channels are available on DIRECTV in Tishomingo, MS (38873)

It's easy to get DIRECT TV deals in Tishomingo, MS with fast FREE installation of up to 4 rooms of DirectTV service including satellite dish, free DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or HD (High Definition) upgrade, and Direct TV local and national programming with over 285 all-digital channels available of premium movies, family programming, music, news, sports, and entertainment. You can even get Satellite Radio music stations included! You can't get all that on the old fashioned cable TV in Tishomingo.

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Direct Star TV is a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer in Tishomingo, MS.

Order Tishomingo DIRECT TV satellite television service now and in no time you can be enjoying up to 285 all-digital channels of premium movies, family programming, music, news, sports, and entertainment in addition to your Tishomingo local TV channels!

More networks, greater quality, happier subscribers - it’s no surprise that 50 million people favor DIRECTV over DISH Network or other satellite or cable providers. Top notch features like NASCAR HotPass™ and DIRECTV CINEMA make it difficult to knock DIRECTV off of its pedestal. Not simply the optimal high-definition picture, DIRECTV enables you to upgrade with a state-of-the-art DIRECTV HD DVR, to ensure you don’t have to compromise your preferred television program for any important sports event. Get the best satellite television service around with DIRECTV. Ditch DISH Network and make the change today.

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By using MLB EXTRA INNINGS® you can now enjoy every ball game this season and have the best seat in the house - your house that is. Offering you up to eighty games weekly, MLB EXTRA INNINGS® is the perfect baseball deal for MLB® lovers everywhere. You won't have to leave your community or even the convenience of your own couch. Simply just have DIRECTV deliver all the baseball action right to your house with MLB EXTRA INNINGS®.

Feed your craving for more movies with your Starz® Super Pack. Available through DIRECTV, this Starz® package boasts more than 900 films a month on 12 channels. Keep in touch with today’s culture and Generation Y's newest hits with Starz® Edge and Starz® InBlack. Half a dozen Encore™ channels, each with its own concept, guarantee something for all fans of almost any genre.. Stop just hoping for access to your most desired movies - make it happen with a subscription to Starz® Super Pack.

Tishomingo, MS 38873 Local TV Channels

Network Affiliate Local Channel IRD Channel Broadcast Format

Watch more of the shows you love at once with DIRECTV Interactive™. Interactive stations from DIRECTV allow customers to access up to eight separate stations on their screen. Follow sporting events in progress and stay current on national broadcasts. You have the ability to personalize your viewing experience with DIRECTV's Interactive Channels.

Waiting hours for a movie to come on TV could frustrate even the most patient individual. The best TV entertainment is now on your preferred schedule when you choose it. DIRECTV's outstanding pictures and sound catapult you right into the center of the action. All that is denying you access to DIRECTV’s in-depth library of instant entertainment is the touch of a remote. Watch great movies anytime with a subscription to DIRECTV.

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