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FREE Standard Professional Installation Standard professional installation in up to four rooms only. Custom installation extra. Applicable use tax adjustment may apply on retail value of installation.

  • HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, Cinemax - Free for 3 months
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
TV Only Package offers starting at
$ 24
99 /mo
SELECT Package. For 12 months with 24 mo. agreement. Plus
add'l fees.

DIRECTV Paul NE Deals and Packages

Direct TV Paul, NE Local Channels checkbox YES! Local channels are available on DIRECTV in Paul, NE (68410)

It's easy to get DIRECT TV deals in Paul, NE with fast FREE installation of up to 4 rooms of DirectTV service including satellite dish, free DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or HD (High Definition) upgrade, and Direct TV local and national programming with over 285 all-digital channels available of premium movies, family programming, music, news, sports, and entertainment. You can even get Satellite Radio music stations included! You can't get all that on the old fashioned cable TV in Paul.

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Direct Star TV is a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer in Paul, NE.

Order Paul DIRECT TV satellite television service now and in no time you can be enjoying up to 285 all-digital channels of premium movies, family programming, music, news, sports, and entertainment in addition to your Paul local TV channels!

Granting more options than TV providers ever have in the past, DIRECTV changes how its customers experience TV. Benefit from 170 full-time High-Def channels, way more than any other satellite TV supplier around, bringing the most perfect display feasible right to the screen. DIRECTV delivers you the very best in TV entertainment, at minimum 285 television channels of sports, global programming, and music. DIRECTV gives you television the way it ought to be. Having a bunch of possibilities at your disposal, it’s simple to tailor the ultimate television schedule to suit your personal preferences. You get On top of that, thanks to a DVR provided by DIRECTV, you can pause, rewind and record your most-loved shows, so what you want to watch is always at your fingertips.

Get the Shows, Sports and Service Paul Loves with Paul

Get out of the dugout and up to bat with DIRECTV® MLB EXTRA INNINGS®.This DIRECTV top quality bundle offers up to 40 of 80 out-of-market games in HD weekly. The STRKE ZONE CHANNEL will surely fill you in about the most exciting plays of the league , so don't be concerned if you missed that big play everyone’s been talking about. With DIRECTV, you always know the score; with only a push of a button, you can access SCOREGUIDE™, and that means you are always up to date about the game. Get in the action with DIRECTV’s MLB EXTRA INNINGS®.

All the soccer you desire is provided by DIRECTV and MLS Direct Kick™. MLS Direct Kick™ lets you keep track of your favorite team around the country with up to 221 regular-season games. Regardless of whether you are a new follower of the MLS or a long time fan, you can obtain all the soccer action you desire with MLS Direct Kick™. You don't have to miss out on any kicks. Contact DIRECTV today to get MLS Direct Kick™.

Even when you happen to be miles away from it, you can find shows from your homeland with DIRECTV’s international stations. DIRECTV delivers a range of international programming that's sure to satisfy with its excellent choice of stations. The best international sporting events, TV series, comedy and films are made available to you by DIRECTV WorldDirect®. Simply call and speak with a DIRECTV agent - you don’t have to spend money on any additional hardware or equipment. With DIRECTV international programming, it's a small world after all.

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Stay connected in all aspects of your life. You can get DIRECTV in a home bundle, with Internet and phone service from well known providers in your region. Combining your home's services also can lead to savings for you. So get three services in a single phone call, all offered by the best names in the industry.

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