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DIRECTV offers Mandarin and Cantonese TV channels

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Discover your favorite DIRECTV Chinese channels. Enjoy the best in Mandarin and Cantonese-language channels from DIRECTV. An unbeatable lineup of the best in Chinese entertainment including movies, sports, lifestyle shows, and dramas you can’t get with any other provider. Watch television from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

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Two Chinese channel packages to choose from

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Chinese Channels on DIRECTV

Cantonese and Mandarin channel lineup from DIRECTV.

Channel Name Channel # Channel Description CHINESEDIRECTTM
Phoenix NA TV 2050 Morning, noon and night, the Phoenix North American Chinese Channel delivers cutting-edge coverage of current affairs, up-to-the-minute news, financial updates, variety shows, and dramatic entertainment straight to you. YES
Phoenix Info News 2051 YES
CCTV-4 2052 YES
JIANGSU SATELLITE 2054 JSTV has been globally acclaimed for producing top-rated TV shows such as If You Are The One and The Brain. If You Are The One has been ranked as the highest rated weekly TV show in China for consecutive four years. YES
Charming China 2055 Charming China provides top-rated TV programming from 9 popular provincial stations including Hunan TV and Zhejiang TV. YES
CTI Zhong Tian 2056 Highly reputable news programs, dramas and entertainment directly from Taiwan. YES
CBO China TV Series Channel 2057 YES
88TV 2103 Showcasing a variety of shows that appeal to the whole family. Enjoy news, drama, and comedies. YES
Phoenix Hong Kong 2104 Hear and review the top news of the week in a fun and light manner, while gaining in-depth knowledge of current affairs. YES
88Films 2105 YES
iCable Financial Info News 2108 YES
iCable News 2109 YES
CCTV-4 2113 YES
CGTN 2119 Broadcasting updates from Beijing and D.C., viewers are kept up-to-date with the world’s top stories as they happen. YES
MLB Network HD 213 YES

How to order Chinese channels from DIRECTV

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Enjoy television shows that cater to Cantonese and Mandarin language speakers. You may be far from China, but DIRECTV brings you top-quality Chinese channels directly to your living room. Simply choose your favorite base DIRECTV packages and then select whether to add on CHINESEDIRECTTM or MANDARINDIRECT® III to your package.

Add other international channels from DIRECTV

Get even more variety with more international channels from DIRECTV. Choose from international news, sports and entertainment from other countries and regions around the world including South Asia, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil, and Russia.

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